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July 2016

Help! I Want to Homeschool...


Have you wanted to homeschool for a long time? Have you wondered how you could convince your parents homeschooling was right for you? Do you feel intimidated by the task, or just not know where to start? Are your parents completely against homeschooling?

If you can answer, "yes," to any of these questions, we've got some great advice for you! Homeschooling is finally becoming a mainstream education alternative, and for many high schoolers, it's a possibility that they've dreamed of for a long time. If homeschooling is that important to need to do a little homework first. Parents want the best for their kids, so, if you can present your argument for homeschooling in a logical manner, and give proven solutions to their concerns...they just might see your point of view.

  1. Do your research and get the facts. You might even consider downloading this free ebook for high schoolers who want to homeschool.
  2. Look for all the FAQ - and find the answers to them! This will help to prepare you for your parents' questions.
  3. Take some time to review resources that are available and plan out how you would handle your homeschooling. By making it as independent as possible you'll help to alleviate your parents' concern about their time commitment.
  4. Create a "road map" of your high school homeschooling endeavor, check out other teens' advice, and give your parents a glimpse of how dedicated you are to this task.
  5. Ask to set up an appointment where you and your parents can have plenty of time to talk it through. It's important that you stay factual and logical in your presentation. Present your information and then let it lie. Your parents may need some time to think about the pros and cons, so a follow up discussion might be a good idea as well. Encourage them to visit this parent forum and ask some questions.
  6. Don't be discouraged if the answer is no. Remember, they only want what's best for you!

Good luck!

Jamie @ Let's Homeschool High School

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