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Make your own Diploma? We can help...

Even though the transcript is the essential document for the homeschooled high schooler, every high school graduate wants that long awaited piece of paper that announces their freedom from school! It's important in the process of finalizing what most high schoolers have worked toward for 12 years. Yet, many homeschoolers worry about where that diploma should come from. Surprisingly, the answer is easy. The homeschool high school diploma can be created by the parents themselves (though, some states may require an evaluator signature). This is by far the most common approach to obtaining a homeschool high school diploma. Most states recognize individual homeschools as an educational institution, therefore, the homeschool diploma created by that institution would be proof that the student completed all requirements for graduation. Don't worry, the wonderful news here is that most colleges, universities, and even employers accept homeschool diplomas as evidence of completing high school. However, some homeschoolers who are enrolled in umbrella programs, virtual schools, or other educational entities will receive diplomas created by those institutions once they complete their requirements.

Creating a diploma is easy. The diploma must state that it is a high school diploma, the name of the student, wording that states that he/she completed the required high school courses, the signature of the person who made sure the requirements were met, and the date. More than one person can sign the diploma if they were both involved in the student's education. It's always a good idea to make the diploma as “official” looking as possible. We understand this is a challenging process, so that's why we created 8 different free diploma templates for your convenience. You can download and print one of these or use the wording to create your own “one of a kind” diploma. From all of us at Let', “Congrats” on your upcoming graduation!

- Jamie @ Let's Homeschool Highschool

Other helpful printables: High School Transcript Template and Grade Record Spreadsheet

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