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June 2016

Take It Easy
or Get a Move On?


Homeschoolers love homeschooling because of the freedom it provides. Some homeschoolers school year round and some take a break. In both cases, summer is great for finally getting a few minutes to breathe and enjoy the sun. There are lots of ways to spend your summer - but here are two of the most common...

  1. Take it easy... You've worked hard all year - maybe you even graduated this year - and it's time to de-stress. Summer is the perfect time for you to lay off the books and get some much needed rest. That doesn't mean you have to neglect preparing for fall. You can leisurely fill out your FAFSA, pick out your courses, and order that awesome book bag you've been wanting to tote your "essentials" to college. If college isn't in your planbook just yet, you can always take some time to peruse the high school curriculum options available for next fall, determine which courses you need, which courses you'd love to take, and enjoy getting some stress busting sunshine!
  2. Get a move on... Are you a homeschooler that likes to stay on top of everything? Whether you've recently graduated or are still in high school, there are some great ways you can make the most of your time this summer. Since many colleges won't allow freshmen to take a "graduate in four years" full load (about 15 hours each semester to graduate in 4,) it's useful to find alternative ways to earn the credits you don't want tacked on to the end of college time. One of our favorites is CLEP testing. Yes, we've mentioned that before haven't we? Find a free online course that lines up with the CLEP test you want to take, study through it, and take the test. Most CLEP tests offer between 3-12 semester hour credits. It's an awesome and affordable way to get that degree in four years!


Jamie @ Let's Homeschool High School

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