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What’s Happened to the College Degree?

With the ever rising cost of college tuition, an excess of people with bachelor’s degrees, job scarcity, and the ever increasing online business opportunities, it’s not surprising that today’s high school graduates are wondering what the purpose of four years of college may be?

Bad News First?

  1. Degree Inflation. Research shows that among young Americans in 2016, 37% had a Bachelor’s Degree while in 2005 only 28% had Bachelor’s degrees. Conclusion: there are more degreed adults in the U.S. than ever before.1 This has caused an academic inflation requiring ever higher degrees. Don’t believe it? Just stop and ask the janitor where he went to college.
  2. Fewer Skills. Employers often lack the time and resources to dig deeper than just seeing a degree listed on a resume. Yet, having a degree doesn’t cause you to stand out from the crowd any longer. In fact, employers are realizing that many students are graduating with degrees that haven’t prepared them for the critical thinking skills that are needed on the job.
  3. No Safety Net. A college degree no longer guarantees a job. A CNN article stated that only half of graduates age 25 work at a job requiring a degree.2
  4. Mounting Debt. College degrees are becoming increasingly more expensive, while the earnings for a job requiring those degrees aren’t keeping up. Recent studies show student debt is increasing and students are having more difficulty paying for their loans.3

What to do?

  1. Stay true to yourself. College isn’t always the answer. Consider your career choice and find creative ways to be a solution in your niche. There are sound alternatives to college that anyone can explore such as: free online courses, freelancing, apprenticeship, and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  2. Don’t be discouraged. Times are changing, but college may be necessary. If your career choice is a profession that requires a college degree to legally practice then carefully choose an institution that will help you be the amazing individual you are. Just a few simple considerations will also help you finish college debt free.

- Jamie @ Let's Homeschool Highschool

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