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October 2016

Successful Homeschool Record Keeping

Now that everyone is back to school, some of the more mundane daily tasks seem to surface. Everyone is probably realizing at this point that organization and tracking progress is pretty important. Most homeschooling parents say their least favorite part of homeschooling is the record keeping. Yet, we all know for high school this is a pretty vital aspect of homeschooling. Student's high school records typically follow them well into their adult years. So, having a great homeschool record keeping system as well as creating a detailed yet clear transcript are keys to enabling your high school graduate to find their place in college as well as the work force.

How can we make successful homeschool records without spending most of our time doing it? We've found that one of the simplest ways to keep your homeschool grade records is to use a spreadsheet. It's worked for many of us at Let's Homeschool High School so we've created a record keeping spreadsheet to share with you. You can add additional pages for each child, and keep the records from each year of school right there on one spreadsheet. And, just so you'll love us even more...we've created a version that will also average your students scores, so put that calculator away!

But, in all your excitement don't forget that we have an arsenal of free high school printables to make you a homeschool record keeping boss!

- Jamie @ Let's Homeschool High School

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