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What's the Scoop on Accreditation for Homeschoolers?

What is accreditation?

Many view it as a stamp of approval from other educational institutions, but it exists to create an acceptable norm for a high quality education. While there are some homeschool programs that are accredited, the question remains - what does this do for the homeschooler?

Does accreditation open doors?

It may surprise you to know that, since accreditation is voluntary, not every public school in the U.S. is accredited. Yet, students can still continue from high school to college without issue. Some contend that you must have a prestigious education to get into a prestigious college. Again, it may surprise you to know that the most prestigious colleges in the U.S. are not looking for cookie cutter students. They WANT students who are different, who stand out from the crowd, and who are ready to make a difference. In fact, there are many homeschoolers that have gotten into prestigious colleges on a free homeschool education.

Does accreditation really make a difference for homeschoolers?

Of course, every situation is different. We can't conceivably know the requirements of every college, but we have researched the Ivy League Schools. Each of those highly reputable schools has a homeschool admission policy in place. Surprisingly, none of them mention the need for an accredited background. They do, however, want students that stand out, have completed rigorous coursework, have tested high, have amazing extracurricular activities, and a transcript that portrays it well. Looks alot like a homeschooler to me!

If you're still wondering about Accreditation, our FAQ on Accreditation may help!

- Jamie @ Let's Homeschool Highschool

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