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Back to Home School? It's ok to keep it simple.
  1. Make Your Plan - Heading back to home school doesn't have to be chaotic. Though it does require some planning and research; keep it simple. You and your student will need to plan courses to support their strengths and life/career direction, and then create a schedule that fits your unique needs. Don't be afraid to use "out of the box" ideas like a 4 day week, internships, and even dual enrollment.
  2. Grab Your Tools - Yep! Once you know where you're headed you'll need to pick up the items that will help make that possible - including curriculum. Not sure? Use other homeschoolers' curriculum reviews to find a good fit.
  3. Set it Straight - Take some time to clean out your homeschool area and last year's books and papers. Start with a clean slate and organize your homeschool "spot" for maximum efficiency. An environment free of distraction can make a big difference. Have your student make it a comfortable place that they'll want to be.

Just starting? Here is more information for Getting Started with Homeschooling.

- Jamie @ Let's Homeschool Highschool

Back to School Printable Resources aims to help take as much of the cost and confusion off the homeschooling process as possible.
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