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How to Homeschool Like a Rock Star and Never Miss a Beat!

It’s finally summer and all those dreams of lazy days centered around sunshine and fun are finally here… are you enjoying it? Don’t feel the clouds move in when I ask, “What about Homeschooling Year Round?” I know... parents look forward to summer break just as much as the students… but there’s a lot at stake! Students can lose several months of reading and math skills as well as require up to six weeks of review of old material to regain where they left off before summer break.

Did you know that by homeschooling year round you can avoid some of the common causes of disruption in your student’s progress? Statistics show that staying involved in some form of learning throughout the calendar year allows students to maintain an upward trend in learning achievement. While taking the summer off can rob students of knowledge retention, it’s something that can be easily remedied without requiring a full on school day!

If you’re interested in learning more about how to never miss a beat in your homeschool check out our research article on Homeschooling High School Year Round. Homeschooling year round doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to sunshine and fun… let’s just add some summer learning to the mix!

- Jamie @ Let's Homeschool Highschool

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