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November 2016

We're Celebrating by Sharing Our Best How to Homeschool Resources

Did you know that had a birthday recently? We turned 4 years old this year! Over that time we've written a lot of amazing newsletters, and some of the best of those have been our "how to homeschool" versions. We've covered just about every topic that you could need to start your school year off great. Instead of neglecting these homeschool gems, we thought we'd pull them together and make one collective newsletter brimming with awesomeness!

Planning Highschool Homeschool Credits
This post was originally a newsletter and it includes an infographic that is an amazing resource on planning how many credits your high schooler will need.

Your Back to Homeschool Tool Box
Another amazing post that gives you innovative ideas on organization and planning. Absolutely indispensable!

Top 10 Homeschool Planning Questions
Yes, this one is definitely a keeper. All those niggling questions that have been keeping you awake at night... that's right, they are answered right here!

Hey... Did You Know?
This covers many of the little known facts about homeschooling. It also answers some of those strange "myths" and preconceived ideas that people have regarding home learning.

The Worried Parent's Guide to Transcripts
This one is a bonus... it wasn't written for back to school, but it's definitely a necessity for anyone starting to homeschool. Find out just how to create transcripts and enjoy a free template!

- Jamie @ Let's Homeschool High School

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